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Queens of Amathus

Taking a journey through time, the Queens of Amathus is a documentary that re lives the journeys of Greek Cypriot women from Cyprus to Birmingham. As have many other migrant communities, the Greek Cypriots have built their lives in foreign lands against all odds - as featured on BBC News and runner up for Best Documentary at Birmingham Film Festival in 2019.

Working under LGK Productions, we were responsible for the entire production of the documentary.

  • Production - Storyboard, Filming, Lighting, Sound, Aerial Drone
  • Post-Production - Editing, Sound Design, Archive Assets
  • Delivery - DCP Cinema Release, Film Festival

Queens of Amathus, a powerful Birmingham documentary, tells the incredible journeys made by Cypriots to Birmingham.

Women highlighted in the film headed to Birmingham for various reasons, united by their stories of personal sacrifice, poverty and war. Birmingham Live journalist, Christina Savvas, helps to tell their stories for the first time.

The film follows each person’s journey through time, right from the early lace trade pre-World War II through to the struggle of British rule and the Turkish invasion in 1974, where thousands of Cypriot people tragically lost their homes and in some cases were separated from their families due the atrocities that occurred.

Each woman featured in the documentary shares a very emotional and personal account of their experiences, with their lives in Birmingham a world apart from the quaint villages and towns of the small Mediterranean island. Poverty and the lack of opportunities forced many to leave their homeland and then conflict and war brought many more to the city, including one youngster who was separated from her mother and family in Famagusta during the invasion at the age of three, leaving her traumatised from the events that occurred.

"Xenia Karayiannis was just three when she was separated from her mother following the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus and would not be reunited with her until she was 17. Her story is among those featured in a new documentary, Queens of Amathus, which explores the lives of women who migrated from the Mediterranean island and settled in Birmingham" - BBC NEWS

The documentary was screened on the 3rd of November 2019 at Cineworld, on Broad Street in Birmingham. Queens of Amathus has received national and international coverage and went on to be runner-up at the Birmingham Film Festival, out of 792 entries worldwide.

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