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Plant Based News

Promoting a new vegan menu at byCHLOE.


Client: Plant Based News Ltd

Focus: Production, Post-Production, Delivery

XSquared Films were approached by Plant Based News to work together on promotional content for their social media platforms. The goal was to showcase three new vegan menu items in collaboration with byCHLOE’s Restaurant. The concept was to produce a video that had a ‘stop-motion’ feel to it while showing the host and founder of Plant Based News trying out the new menu and having an enjoyable time in the restaurant.

The ‘stop-motion’ effect was incorporated by removing frames from the original clips in post-production. It was important to keep the shutter-angle low while filming in order to remove as much blur between frames as possible to ensure the image coming out of the camera is sharp as possible.

We also took time to create motion graphics for this project which involved using a combination of Adobe After Effects and Premiere to create the cut-outs and titles when each menu item is introduced in the video.

Both byCHLOE. and Plant Based News delivered the final video onto their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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