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Data Protection World Forum

A set of 18 corporate interviews for the Data Protection World Forum at a data privacy, security and governance global event, PrivSec London.

Client: Data Protection World Forum

Focus: Production, Post-Production, Delivery

PrivSec 2020 is a global event series run by the Data Protection World Forum, who are the leading innovators in data privacy, security and governance. Over the course of two days, XSquared Films interviewed 18 key players in the industry, hearing their thoughts on future ideas and the challenges companies will face as it evolves.

The client required us to formally conduct each of the 18 interviews as well as operating the cameras and choosing set design. For final delivery, the questions were replaced with text prior to each answer from the interviewee as per the client’s initial request. 

Due to the corporate nature of the project, we suggested a clean white background behind each interviewee. This was achieved through a combination of both lighting at location as well as post-production to further separate the talent from the background. We decided to go against using a green-screen as the client wasn’t sure whether they wanted a solid background colour or keep the environment of the event. Ultimately it was decided to use the clean-white look. 

For audio, lavalier microphones were attached to the talent in addition to a ZOOM microphone sitting just in front of the interviewee as a further redundancy. 

The final content incorporated backing music which was sourced from a licensed music-library which covers all business applications including Paid Advertising / Social Media Boosting / Broadcast / Internal as well as External-Use.

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