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Time to level the playing field.

A digital media agency on a mission to provide affordable, visual media solutions for small businesses.


Once upon a time...


Local Charity Work

It all started with the founders of XSquared Films being involved with local charity work, providing video content to third sector organisations for free, in order to gain experience working with clients.

XSquared Films


Queen's of Amathus

XSquared were contacted by a charity organisation in Birmingham and commissioned to create an hour-long documentary on the Greek-Cypriot migration to Birmingham in the 1970’s. This involved travelling to Cyprus and to capture first hand the journeys of those it affected.



Commonwealth 2022 Bid

Through the continued third-sector work, XSquared were commissioned by Birmingham City Council to create a video to showcase the bids for the 2022 Commonwealth Legacy Programme, an international sports event that will be held in Birmingham.


XSquared began producing promotional videos for small businesses, starting with a Facilities Management company in Birmingham.



Our promise to you.

Our company values were born out of an appreciation for the current state of the video production market. We took what we had learnt over our 7 months of operation and shaped that experience into what we believe matters most to our clients.

Small businesses matter.

We understand that with current video production pricing, small businesses simply do not have the buying power to compete with their corporate counterparts. We support small businesses across the UK by providing cost-effective solutions, stimulating growth in an increasingly digital economy.


We promise to deliver the highest quality content to our clients, both conceptually and visually. We continuously validate our progress throughout each project through a feedback system, to ensure the highest standards of delivery.


Having grown up alongside information technology, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality content in very short time periods. We always go the extra mile to ensure the final delivery happens as soon as possible after the production phase.


We ensure a consistent workflow by maintaining regular communication with our clients. Using platforms such as, we are able to keep a continuous stream of information flowing between parties, resulting in much quicker delivery times and detailed accountability.